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Who publishes this site? This site was conceived and created by two collectors of classic Disney postcards who "met" via the Internet. One of the two has some facility with HTML and has written this site: the other is an experienced postcard, stamp, and postal history collector who has had a near life-long interest in this subject. Both have contributed text, images, knowledge and observations to this project.

Terry (the programmer) has been collecting classic Disney postcards since October 26, 2002, when he picked up about 20 mint condition Valentine & Sons postcards (serial numbers in the 5000's) at a local flea market for what seemed to be (at the time) the "outrageous" price of $13 each. That was his first classic Disney postcard purchase ever. Of course, following that lucky find he immediately set out to acquire the "rest" of those cards and has been searching ever since.

Tom (the experienced collector) has been collecting Disney postcards since May 20, 1992, when on a trip to Walt Disney World with his wife and son Rick ( age 3 at the time), Rick decided to "be like daddy" and collect the postcards of the park. With a keen eye at such an early age, Rick would collect the current cards and Tom would collect the old! Very quickly the Disney postcard collecting bug caught hold, expanding into Disneyland, Disney modern cards, and then into the world of Classic Disney postcards. As Rick grew up and out of collecting, Tom is still the "kid at heart" when it comes to collecting every possible printing of every Disney postcard, with a specialization in Classic Cards and Walt Disney World.



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