What is a classic Disney postcard?
A classic Disney postcard, as that term is used herein, is a postcard which pictures any Disney originated character or artwork and that was published prior to July 17,1955. Also included are cards from any Disney-themed series which began prior to the 1955 start date, but continued in the same set or style after this ending date.

Why is your critical date July 17, 1955?
For those of you who may somehow not be familiar with this special date, it is the day that Disneyland opened! With the opening of this fabulous theme park, the Disney postcard landscape changed forever. The focus moved away from what had primarily been European produced cards that pictured characters and movies to a United States-based production that focused on scenes of the park and its attractions. In simplest terms, classic cards are pre-theme park cards. Note that with most "rules" involving classic Disney cards, we may occasionally "bend" our ending date in order to describe as "classic" a card or a publisher that has rightfully earned this status.

Why was this site created?
If you have ever tried to find information about the classic cards, you already know that there is very little compiled information about them either in conventional print or on the Internet. However, we are firmly convinced that there are a host of collectors who each have some small but important piece of this early publication puzzle and would like to share that information. What has been lacking is a location that is dedicated to the acquisition and publication of such information so that all Disney fans can appreciate and enjoy it. Our hope is that this site will provide such a focal point for research,study, and information sharing.

That being said, this site was also created to introduce other postcard collectors and Disney enthusiasts of all sorts to the diversity of Classic Disney postcards and to instill the "thrill of the chase" in many more new collectors!!

Has the Disney company provided you with any assistance?
, none whatsoever. (Also, see Legal). We have contacted the Disney archivist and have learned that there is no information in the corporate archives pertaining to the classic postcards or the publishers that printed them. Beyond that, please note that this site is independent from the Disney Company and is not affiliated or sponsored by it in any way. All images and text that appear on this site are used without Disney's permission and without the permission of any of the classic card publishers.

Do you have any classic Disney postcards to sell?
No, we don't. That being said, we might have a few classic cards that we would be willing to trade for the same series or type. So, if you have any "trades" please let us know.

Can I link to this site?
Yes, please do. However, we prefer and suggest that you link to our home page.

Can I take information that appears on this site and use it as my own? No. The authors have claimed a copyright in all information that appears on this site. If you want to use content from this site on your own web site or in some other context, please contact us for permission. Absent such permission, please note our terms of use as listed in Legal.

Who has asked the questions that appear in this list of frequently asked questions?
Well, no one really. These are questions that we think that people will ask after they learn about our site.

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