Publishers That Share Images

Anyone who has seriously collected classic Disney postcards learns very early on that certain publishers shared images. That is, it is not uncommon to find two postcards that were published by different publishers at different times but that have identical faces. In many (or most) cases, the only way to distinguish between the two cards is to look at their backs. In other cases, subtle differences in coloring or (more obviously) the language of the caption may make it possible to identify the publisher without looking at the back. This problem is more apparent in the case of online auctions where it seems that some sellers cannot ever be persuaded to include scans of the front and back of the card in their listing. In cases like that, the following information may be useful to you.

  • E. Sèphèriadès and Superluxe
    • These publishers shared images of the PInocchio and Snow White series.
  • Valentine & Sons and Ballerini & Fratini
  • Valentine & Sons and Uitgegeven
    • Uitgegeven's Ferdinand series is identical to Valentine's.
  • Inter-art, Woolston / Milson, and ARiB.


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