Mickey's Mystery Card Corner

Do you have an early Disney card that you wish you knew more about? For example, you might want to know who the publisher was, when it was published, how many other cards there are in its series (or whether it was part of a series), etc. Well, we have many such cards.

We have dedicated this page (and, also the Archive page) to these sorts of cards. Each month (or more or less often depending on our schedules and inclination) we will post a few new "mystery cards" and ask for our readers to help us identify the publisher, country of publication, date of publication, etc.

Do you know something about any of these cards? Do you know the publisher, have a postmarked example, have a complete set (or think it complete), know how many were in the series (if there was as series)? If you do, please share that information with us! The information that you provide will then be posted for all to enjoy. Be sure to tell us which card number you are writing us about.

Have a "mystery card" of your own? Send a high resolution scan - front and back - to us and we will consider posting it on this page. Previous / additional Mystery Cards can be viewed via the Mystery Card Archive link above. Click on an image to read what we know and don't know about it.

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